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We don’t wear signs

A WOMAN was driving in the traffic when she got stuck behind a very slow moving car. Just as she was getting annoyed, she saw a sign in the back window that said: Learning stick [shift], sorry for any delay.

Instantly she was more patient with the driver ahead.

It reminds me of another story I heard about a man on a train with his unruly kids, who were jumping around and causing mayhem until another passenger complained about the man’s lack of parenting.

The distracted father responded: “I’m sorry, we’re just coming back from their mother’s funeral.”

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Love covers all wrongs

“Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all wrongs.”
Let me tell you the story of Binyoni, the Principal of a Christian school in Burundi.
His name means “Little Bird” and he was called this because he had a beautiful gift of music and was constantly singing and encouraging people in their faith.
There came a time of political unrest in the country and the ruling Tutsis were systematically seeking out leaders in the Hutu community and murdering them.
Binyoni was a Hutu and one day, he and his eleven teachers were taken by a group of Tutsi soldiers who had been given orders to put them to death. As they were being escorted up the hill to their place of execution, Binyoni turned to the soldiers and asked if he could pray for them.
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Forgiveness is vital to a relationship

Unhealthy anger inevitably leads to an unwillingness to forgive, and many a relationship has been destroyed because people have refused to forgive each other.
Forgiveness is also a very real issue in marriage. The health of a couple’s relationship can often be determined by the willingness (or unwillingness) of a husband and wife to forgive each other.
I have talked with many couples over the years, and I never stop being amazed at how people hang on to things they did to each other years ago and the overwhelming pettiness of it all.
“She did this…”
“He always forgets…”
“I never do that…”
On and on it goes.
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How Christmas changed marriage forever

By Rob Furlong
Have you ever wondered how different our world might be if Jesus had never been born?
For example, as a direct result of His emphasis on love, mercy and compassion, Christians set up organizations such as hospitals, universities, a just and fair judicial system, orphanages and centres caring for the poor.
All because a baby was born in a stable two thousand years ago.
One of the most profound impacts Jesus has had upon our world is in the area of our relationships, especially those between husbands, wives and the family unit.
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Vital keys to better communication

by Rob Furlong
The sign hanging from the balcony of the second floor apartment said it all. It simply read, “For sale – one husband!”
After a number of weeks of government enforced isolation, clearly things – or her husband – were getting to one poor lady!
With most of the world in some form of lockdown it would be unusual for even the best of relationships to not experience some form of tension at the moment!
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I solemnly vow …

By Rob Furlong
Being asked to officiate at a couple’s wedding has been one of the greatest privileges of my life and I especially love being a part of the special, sacred moment when a man and a woman make their vows to each other.
The dictionary defines a vow as a “solemn promise … especially in the form of an oath to God …”
It’s a good reminder.
You see, when a couple commits to loving and staying with each other for life, they have not just made their promises before their family and friends.
They have also done so in the presence of God Himself – and I believe that He holds them accountable for the words they have spoken.
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Keeping love alive and well

Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

As I stood admiring a lovely home the other day I was told that the previous owners, in their seventies, had split up and were going their separate ways. How often do we hear of it? Couples who have lived together for most of their lives, having brought up a family and been through thick and thin together, deciding that they can’t stand each other any more.

Not only is the change of heart hard to understand but the aftermath of the break-up must be so painful as to threaten any future happiness. Property splitting, new family relationships and other changes would hardly be all sweetness and light.

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The least of these

Recently I saw online the heartwarming story of a Walmart employee in the States who stepped in and gave a woman with cerebral palsy a manicure, after the nail salon refused her business.

This sort of story brings a smile to the face and restores our belief in the kindness and goodness of humanity.

However, like those stories about people making wheels for disabled dogs or rescuing stranded whales, it is not a very Darwinian story though – it is not about survival of the fittest, or weeding out the weak.Continue reading

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