Contribute a Testimony

Challenge needs your testimony of new life in Jesus!

Challenge is written for non-Christians, to help them discover the Lord Jesus Christ through personal stories of how people came to trust in Him as their Lord and Saviour and the difference He has made to their lives.

We always need new stories and your testimony does not have to be an extraordinary story at all, because most readers have not lived extraordinary lives either.

Every conversion to Jesus Christ is a miracle, and is a wonderful means of witnessing to a lost world.

You can write your testimony online or, if you prefer you can use a testimony outline sheet of 5 questions, about life before you came to know Jesus Christ personally, how you committed your life to Him, and about your life now. We have made these outline questions available as a Microsoft Word document, Open Document Format documnet and a PDF. You can post it to us or upload it on the your testimony page.

Your testimony may be published in a number of countries, including Australia, USA, South Africa and on our web sites.

About writing a testimony

The testimony outline sheet is the guide we use for testimonies, written in chronological order about what people seeking Christ most need to hear.

When you write, try to avoid using terms and phrases that only
Christians would understand
. And tell people the truth about yourself – your failures, problems and hopes — as people read that they will (God willing) believe what you have to say about your faith too.

If you have any queries, please write to us! If you feel God is leading you to share your testimony, I pray that writing it is a blessing to you, and I know it will be too for many thousands of people who don’t (yet!) know Christ.

Seen a good testimony elsewhere?

Have you come across a testimony on the Internet or published elsewhere that would be suitable for Challenge? Please let us know. Sports testimonies are particularly hard to find and research.

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