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I had the most amazing experience back in 2020. I saw inside my own heart! I had experienced some irregular heartbeats, so I went for a procedure to identify the problem.
The surgeon put three catheter wires inside my heart to measure how the electrics of the heart operated. He located a minor short-circuit, and worked out that it could not cause me any real problem and was best left alone. He also “took my heart for a spin” to try to reproduce the symptoms I had, but without success.
I was awake during the procedure, watching large monitor displays, and the surgeon explained it to me. When the heart beats, an electrical signal first causes the right atrium chamber to beat. The signal then reaches the AV node, where it is delayed a short time before it travels on to cause the ventricles to beat. The timing delay is just right to ensure efficient pumping of blood. The AV node does other critical things also.
Some questions: Would a heart without an AV node work? Not at all. Would an AV node work without a heart? Again, no. Would a heart without a valve work? Would a heart without chambers and connecting arteries and veins and blood work? No — all the parts of the heart needed to be there from the beginning.
There is more: How does the AV node know what to do, to be useful for the external purpose of keeping me alive? Who told it?
There are such amazing designs and components in the heart, it is clearly mistaken to imagine the heart evolved from slime by blind random accident (which is evolution). The parts, working together, have the ability to do something that is external to what each part can do. That is how we know it is an intelligent design. The designer is God and God only, and the Bible tells us how He did it.
I hope these words help you, as they have me, in your journey to surely trust the Creator. ●
Peter Mikula is a mining engineer in Kalgoorlie who loves stargazing and talking with others about Jesus.

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